Social Media



Social Media:

Client Needs:

A negative link in Google search results was damaging the client’s business and reputation. An FDA warning letter had been sent that included the client’s business name. The letter was sent in response to something a 3rd party had posted on a website unaffiliated with the client. LifeVantage had reached out to the FDA to request the letter be taken off the internet. The FDA acknowledged that the letter was not in response to anything LifeVantage had done illegally or improperly but declined taking the letter down. Client asked us to move the link down result page and, if possible, off the first page. Starting position was number two on the first page for search term “LifeVantage.”

What Was Used:

FDA domain has a domain authority of 95+. The decision was made that the best chance to drive the link down SERP was to improve the ranking of LifeVantage related pages and social accounts (ie Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc). None of these pages were ranking on the first two SERPs. Active social media campaigns combined with an SEO mindset and approach helped Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts to raise up the SERPs. We also edited Wikipedia page to make it more robust.


After 11 months the negative link was on the second page behind several LifeVantage related pages that had not been previously ranked in top two SERPs.